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IPKON Silicate Capsules are primarily used for rock bolting of roof and sidewalls support in all dust and gas categories of mines and tunnels where  the rock mass temperature can vary from 10 to +50°С.

IPKON Silicate Capsules can also be used in construction for:

  • bolt installation in rock grounds to fix various types of support;
  • fixing lifts and overhead rails;
  • fixing building structures.


IPKON Silicate Capsules contain all necessary components in the form of a powder filling (1) and a liquid hardener (2) (see fig.),  the IPKON silicate capsulemixing of which causes the hardening of the capsule’s contents.

Unique capsule construction ensuring the highly efficient mixing of the powder filler and the liquid hardener allows for a greater difference between the diameter of the borehole and the one of the rock bolt, that is between 8 and 12 mm.

The capsule components are made of non-toxic, fast hardening, fireproof inorganic materials.

Dilative additions enhance the post hardening volume of the capsule content and secure efficient cohesion between the bolt, the silicate fixing agent and the bolt walls. The strength of the bolt fixing with dry rocks exceeds 100 кN.

The unique composition of IPKON Silicate Capsules allows for its use in a humid rock environment.

The ability to vary the capsule content composition allows for its use in a wide rock environment including high depths mines and ambient temperatures below zero, thus considerably broadening areas, where IPKON Silicate Capsules can be used.

Silicate Capsules have a long shelf-life and can be stored under any climate conditions and transported for long distances.

Capsule size

Capsules are available with standard  dia-meters 25 and 27 mm, but can range from 23 to 36 mm. Standard available capsule lengths are 350, 400, 450 and 500 mm, but other lengths are possible upon demand.


IPKON Silicate Capsules are available in two types of pa-ckaging:

  • 25 mm diameter capsules – 25 pieces per box
  • 27 mm diameter capsules – 20 pieces per box.

Capsule Temperature and time application conditions

IPKON Silicate Capsules are developed for the use at low, medium and high temperatures of the rock mass.

Capsules can be used in deep mines, where temperatures reach 50°С, in medium-depth mines and in cold climate and permafrost.

The hold time is the minimum post-mixing time required before the bolt is installed. Since mixing time is decreasing with temperature rise, the Table below provides the mixing time for the average temperature ranges for each type of capsules.  

Capsule type

Rock temperature, °C

Mixing time

Hold  time, s

Capsule colour




-10 to +10





10 to 30








30 to 50





For any additional information on silicate capsules properties and sizes, please, consult IPKON LLP specialists.

Sequence of main operations of bolt installation

Drill borehole of needed diameter using water wash and air flash. Borehole should be clean and free of foreign particles.

The hole length should correspond to the bolt length. The ideal borehole depth would be 50-60 mm shorter than the bolt length.

Set a necessary number of capsules and make sure that the first capsule reached the borehole bottom.

Insert bolt in the borehole for at least 300 mm from the borehole mouth. Further, move the bolt into the borehole through capsule with constant speed and fast spin (250 -750 rpm). Once the borehole bottom is reached, the bolt should be rotated for another 2-4 seconds to ensure full mixing of capsule components. The total time of bolt rotation through the capsules and conclusive rotation at reaching the borehole bottom should not exceed 20 seconds.

Do not mix the hardening mixture. If recommended mixing time is exceeded, the hardening materials may be destructed.

Then leave bolt in stationary position for the hold time and after this time is over, tighten the nut.

The bolting should be carried out as soon as possible after the rock face is exposed. In various mines, different types of bolt support mechanization should be used.

Silicate capsules allow for the use of all known methods of support installation. However each of manual, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic methods of capsule and bolt installation has particular features, therefore please consult IPKON LLP for detailed instructions on the use of silicate capsules.

Shelf Life and Storage Conditions

Shelf life of IPKON Silicate Capsules is 3 years in any climate zone.

The capsules should be stored in a dry environment in order to avoid packaging deformation. Do not stack the boxes with capsules in more than five layers. If the capsules are stored in cold or warm premises, the capsules should be given time to acclimate so that application temperature level is achieved; otherwise mixing time and hold time would vary.

Health and Safety

The silicate capsules are non-toxic, but contain materials of an alkaline nature. It is recommended that gloves and protecting glasses are worn when handling the capsules. If dust or splashes get on the skin or eyes, rinse using large amounts of clean water. If capsule material gets into the eyes, one should immediately consult medical help.

Technical Support

The group of bolt fixing specialists of IPKON LLP provides technical advice and consulting, which includes laboratory and experimental field testing.

 Important Remark

IPKON LLP guarantees the lack of defects of IPKON Silicate Capsules used in accordance with the required terms and conditions, copies of which can be furnished upon request.

Although IPKON LLP does its best to ensure correct and precise advice, recommendations, technical specifica-tions and comments, it cannot ensure direct and permanent control where the product is used.

Therefore the buyer shall assume the risks, responsibilities and liabilities originating from the use of this product.

Download ® IPKON silicate capsule description

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