Welcome to IPKON

THE INSTITUTE FOR  THE STUDY OF  COMPLEX MINERAL DEVELOPMENT  (IPKON) was established in Kazakhstan in September 1991. IPKON quickly became a worldwide leading scientific-research centre.  IPKON carries out fundamental and applied scientific research. The institute employs highly qualified specialists and it possesses the state-of-the-art equipment allowing to carry out a wide range of research in the field of mining, geology and mineral enrichment.

THE MAIN RESEARCH SPHERES OF IPKON are studying of ore occurrences and prediction of noble metal reserves; research on mineral concentration  studying of thermodynamic properties of natural compounds; technologies of mining in gas-coal deposits. The Institute endeavors to accomplish and introduce into production its own scientific achievements. IPKON invented special mineral compositions allowing us to set up a plant to produce silicate capsules to fasten anchoring rods in rock mass.

OUR MISSION  is to deliver customers innovative solutions designed to improve safety in the mining and tunnelling industries, while increasing productivity and efficiency. Our mining safety strategy is based on continuous research and a skilled technical team working alongside customers to drive innovation.

Quality, timeliness, and a custom-tailored approach are among the main principles we adhere to in relations with our partners and customers to create long-term and promising relationships.

Download pamphlet about IPKON

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