1.   What are the economic advantages of using IPKON’s silicate capsules?

In Kazakhstan, they are 10-15% cheaper than resin capsules.

They allow to save up to 30% on the cost of rock bolts.

2.   Can gloving occur when installing a rock bolt with IPKON’s silicate capsules?

Gloving virtually never occurs because the inside capsule containing the hardener of IPKON’s silicate capsules has a diameter of 17 mm compared to 4 to 5 mm for the inside capsule of resin capsules.

3.   What are the spin and hold times of rock bolts with IPKON’s silicate capsules?

At a speed of 750 RPM, the spin time is 20 seconds.

The hold time is 1 minute.

4.   What is the unconfined compressive strength of rock bolts installed with IPKON’s silicate capsules?

Not less than 60 Mpa.

 5.   What are the main advantages of IPKON’s silicate capsules?

  •  they are non-toxic, they have a shelf-life of 3 years, -Longer shelf- life (36 months)
  •  they have a-shorter mixing time (10-15 seconds)
  • shorter gelling time (15-20 seconds)
  • shorter stiffening time (60 seconds)
  • wide temperature range of storage conditions (under +50 C)
  • can be used at a wide temperature range (-10 to + 50 C)
  • provides long-lasting support for the whole life of a mine
  • the greater admissible difference between the blast-hole and  the anchor diameter (12 mm) allows for savings on the cost of rock bolts of up to 30%
  • in Kazakhstan, they are 10-15% cheaper than resin capsules
  • offers effective protection against corrosion
  • easy to install and inexpensive
  • provide far greater anchor strength than friction bolts
  • not easily flammable
  • not affected by moisture in blast hole.

6.   Have IPKON’s silicate capsules been used and tested?

Yes, they have been used in many mines in Kazakhstan since 2009.

They have been thoroughly tested both in laboratories and on the sites of mines in Kazakhstan and in Russia. The test results are available  here.

7.  Where are IPKON silicate capsules currently used?

IPKON silicate capsules are used in Kazakhstan in the following mines: Kazzink,  Ridder-Sokolny mine, Shubinsky mine, Corporation “Kazakhmys”, Orlovsky mine.


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