Partner with IPKON to become a leading supplier of the mining industry

13 reasons to become an IPKON’s licenseeAre you a producer of rock bolts, thin spray liners, shotcrete, steel meshes, synthetic webbing or cement and resin capsules? Do you want to become a leading supplier of the mining industry? We would like to propose to you a new business opportunity.

Anchoring if the most widespread roof support technology in all countries with a developed mining sector. Currently the most widely used technology to secure the anchor rod in the bore-hole is resin capsules that contain unsaturated polyester resin. They present advantages such has high bearing capacity after curing time and fast hardening time. However they also have the following drawbacks: they are toxic, they have a short shelf life of approximately 6 months, they are highly flammable, they cannot be used at high temperatures, they require specific storing conditions.

Finally, an alternative to resin capsules is available on the market.IPKON invented a new silicate agent for capsules. Because of its advantages over the competing products this promising technology is on the way to replace competing products.

IPKON chose to license its product worldwide in order to avoid expensive transportation costs and custom duties and keep its silicate capsules at an affordable price. Also as a research institute IPKON’s main focus is on research and development more than on production of supplies, though we operate profitably our own factory in Kazakhstan.

These are the top business reasons to become an IPKON’s licensee:

  • A license agreement will allow you (the “licensee”) to produce locally IPKON’s silicate capsules and sell them to your actual and new clients. You will enjoy establishing and maintaining relations with your clients.
  • IPKON is one of the leading Research Institutes on ground support since 1991. You will get the benefit of IPKON’s wide experience and knowledge in the ground support technology business.
  • It will allow you, the licensee, to use a proven technology in its business sector without incurring the cost of developing and maintaining a new technology.
  • IPKON’s production process is not complex and can be easily automated without the use of very costly machinery. That is why it would not be difficult and costly for you to build your own production facility.
  • They are a very promising product that will replace resin capsules and cement capsules in the coming years.
  • They have been successfully used in Kazakh mines for 5 years and have been thoroughly tested in Russian mines and by CANMET Mining in Canada.
  • Exclusive License Agreements are still available for some leading mining countries
  • IPKON’s silicate capsules are competitively priced.
  • We do our best to ensure the manufacturing of quality products with our technology.

The following technical advantages of IPKON’s ground support technology are also an integral part of this great opportunity:

  •  IPKON’s silicate capsules are a new, revolutionary product that has tremendous potential in the mining industry and represent an exceptional business opportunity;
  • IPKON’ s silicate capsules are a green technology.
  • In comparison with the competing products its shelf life is 6 times longer (3 years).
  • They can be used at a wide range of temperatures and do not constitute a fire-hazard.

At IPKON, we are looking for independent contractors willing to collaborate with us and become our long-term partners. We are looking for companies with a good reputation in the mining sector and an established list of clients. Mutual collaboration in market awareness (press tours, PR-campaigns, educational sessions such as webinars and seminars) and technical assistance (tests, montage of equipment) and exchange of information both ways will contribute to the success of both parties.

Download ® IPKON silicate capsule description.

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