Switching to silicate capsules at the Ridder-Sokolny mine

Ridder-Sokolny mineIPKON’s silicate capsules were thoroughly tested and used in the Ridder-Sokolny mine owned by Kazzinc in the East Kazakhstan region. “After testing IPKON’s silicate capsules, the mine switched from resin capsules to silicate capsules as its sole type of capsule for roof support technology” – says Yury Sitnikov, the director of the mine.

Holes were drilled to a depth of 1.6 meters. In the holes rock bolts of a 20 mm diameter were installed. To fix the rock bolts in the hole, IPKON‘s silicate capsules were used. In each hole one 0.5 m long capsule with a diameter of 27 mm was used. On a surface of one square meter, five rock bolts were installed around the perimeter at a distance of 0.7 m from each other. The details of the installation are shown in the figure below.

The figure shows the longitudinal (A – A) and lateral (B – B) cross section view of the installation, as well as a view of it from above (Б – Б).

Case study Ridder Sokolny mine

Rock bolts could support a stress up to 110 kN 10-20 min after their installation in the boreholes.

The tests allowed to make the following conclusions:

a)   The bearing capacity of the rock bolts installed with IPKON silicate capsules exceeded 110 kN  10 to 20 minutes after the installation of the rock bolts in the boreholes;

b)   The operations of the mine can be continued without interruption right after the installation of the rock bolts and the silicate capsules.

So in the Ridder-Sokolny mine, rock bolts of a diameter of 22 mm were used in boreholes of a diameter of 32 mm. A review of the use of IPKON’s silicate capsules in the Ridder-Sokolny mine notes that over the four years of experience of working with IPKON’s silicate capsules there  have been no adverse event associated with the anchoring operations. The review confirmed IPKON’s silicate capsules reliability in securing the rock bolt in the hole and the cost-effectiveness of their use.

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